CMC & TMP – Analyst Developer @ Optiprom

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About the Job
At Optiprom
Role Analyst Developer
Location Chile
Duration 7 months
August 2011 – February 2012
Summary Developed a management system for a chilean mining company to oversee and monitor the production process of their mines and shipments.

Compañía Minera Cordillera and Terminal Marítimo Patache

This was a part-time job done at Optiprom in the second half of 2011 that lasted 7 months. The job consisted in designing, developing and maintaining a Web Application for the control of the production and shipping process for the mining company Compañía Minera Cordillera (CMC) and the following shipping of the production at the port Terminal Marítimo Patache (TMP).

CMCTMP App Screenshot: Managing ContractsCMCTMP App Screenshot: Inventory valuationCMCTMP App Screenshot: Production comparison chartCMCTMP App Screenshot: Port vessel docking scheduleCMCTMP App Screenshot: Managing Suppliers
CMCTMP App Screenshot: Managing Contracts
CMCTMP App Screenshot: Managing Users
CMCTMP App Screenshot: Inventory valuation
CMCTMP App Screenshot: Production comparison chart
CMCTMP App Screenshot: Port vessel docking schedule
CMCTMP App Screenshot: Managing Suppliers

CMC is a Salt Mining company that operates in the Region I of Chile, Tarapacá. TMP is a shipping port, subsidiary from the same company that operates in the same region. Both institutions’ headquarters are in Santiago, in the Metropolitan Region of Chile. Their joint operation consists of managing the mining and processing of salt from the salt mines of CMC and then coordinating the salt’s shipping to their international clients from the TMP port.

The Web Application was made to manage, administer, monitor and register both the salt mining, its production and its shipping through the TMP port. Through the application, users and managers were able to register and manage information about the operation’s clients, suppliers, contracts, overall production, stock and inventory, processing efficiency, analysis and reports.

CMCTMP Analysis Document: Vessel FixtureCMCTMP Analysis Document: Vessel Docking RegistryCMCTMP Development Progress Tracking
CMCTMP Analysis Document: Vessel Fixture
CMCTMP Analysis Document: Vessel Docking Registry
CMCTMP Development Progress Tracking

A reporting system was built for the application which would perform complex queries to the databases and build downloadable PDF reports of business information needed by company members for their day to day operations. 16 different reports were built and integrated into the Web Application using Jasper Reports.

CMCTMP Persistence Model Diagram: People and ContractsCMCTMP Persistence Model Diagram: Types and AnalysisCMCTMP Persistence Model Diagram: Production, Stock and AnalysisCMCTMP Persistence Model Diagram: People
CMCTMP Persistence Model Diagram: People and Contracts
CMCTMP Persistence Model Diagram: Types and Analysis
CMCTMP Persistence Model Diagram: Production, Stock and Analysis
CMCTMP Persistence Model Diagram: People

The Experience

Early into this job, a few weeks after I had join, some personal situations hit the core members of the team which made them have to leave the development process and in turn made me have to pick up where they had left off, forcing me to learn how to play all instruments in the band: from analysis and design to implementation, sysadmin and maintenance.

  • Learned how to complete jobs under a lot of stress and with very limited time.
  • I had to very quickly get on track with everything in the underlying structure of the Software, which had many layers of complexity.
  • Learned to handle my time as a freelance Part-timer efficiently and with high discipline in order to comply with the committed delivery times.
  • I participated in many meetings directly with the final users to fine-tune the functionality and user interface of the Software.


  • Participated in meetings directly with the final users.
  • Development process under high pressure.

Frameworks, Software and Technology used

  • Java EE
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Tomcat
  • JSP
  • Zkoss ZK
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Jasper Reports
  • SSH
  • SVN
  • Eclipse IDE