Alfonso Cornejo
Software Development Engineer


Software Development Engineer specializing in Web UI
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Professional Web UI building with User Experience Design, Responsive Web Design, Accessibility and I18N

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Experience in varied industries with differently sized projects and teams

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Visualize and analyize data by transforming it into something useful and easy to understand

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Software Development Engineer

Graduated with Maximum Distinction at Universidad de Chile.

I started my professional career the 3rd year into my Civil Engineering in Computation degree. The Technology and Informatics industry had been booming in Chile, so it wasn't long after I had started studying that people requested me to work with them.

This lead me to develop a career where I have explored many different industries. Air Travel, Fintech, Business Intelligence, Education, Environment Protection, Mining, among others.

  • Love and passion to develop for the end user. Deep knowledge of React, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Accessibility and Responsive Web Design.

  • Knowledge of Javascript, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, C, SQL and Bash.

  • Experience performing data extraction, transformation, analysis and visualization.

  • Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL scripting, database setup and administration.


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