Código de Comercio – Software Development Engineer @ BlueprintsIT

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About the Job
At BlueprintsIT
Role Software Development Engineer
Location Chile
Duration 1 year 2 months
April 2015 – August 2015
July 2016 – March 2017
Website http://www.blueprintsit.com/

Developed 4 enterprise Software for this consulting company’s clients.

  • Mass email sending Software
  • Process Orchestration for Notifications System
  • Weather Sensors Network Software for monitoring and visualizing weather conditions
  • Medical concepts browsing and modeling Software requested by state government

Código de Comercio: A mass batch email sender

This was an app made for BlueprintsIT‘s biggest client, it’s a mass email sender that can handle sending out hundreds of thousands of emails in a day through either manually requesting the send out, batch processing files in a specified folder that would be read periodically by a daemon, or by requesting the send out through a Web Service. I worked on this project full-time in the early months of 2015.

Codigo de Comercio Screenshot: Processing batchCodigo de Comercio Screenshot: Send queue statusCodigo de Comercio Screenshot: Validating input file to processCodigo de Comercio Screenshot: Procedure resultsCodigo de Comercio Screenshot: Sent email search
Codigo de Comercio Screenshot: Processing batch
Codigo de Comercio Screenshot: Send queue status
Codigo de Comercio Screenshot: Validating input file to process
Codigo de Comercio Screenshot: Procedure results
Codigo de Comercio Screenshot: Sent email search

My job when I joined this project was to test it exhaustively, both in functionality and usability. I learnt to use tools such as SoapUI and Selenium to develop some automatic tests and stress tests. Once I had tested almost every aspect of the software, the job shifted to address and fix the bugs and problems I had found through the testing.

The Experience

This was my first job out of college that I could fully dedicate full-time and give it my all. I learned a lot, I was given space to learn and grow. Though this particular piece of software had a little bit of a reputation inside BlueprintsIT, I remember it fondly as it allowed me to develop new knowledge, and to adapt to this new environment.

At BlueprintsIT I was given free range to explore my skills, this was a company that cared about seeing their people grow in their own interests. Here is where I first discovered my passion for UX and Front-end development, and therefore the tasks that were assigned to me where usually about those areas. I also got the chance to make many good friends while working here and to build relationships I value deeply.


  • Development under compliance with international security and programming standards.
  • Met requirements and deadlines under high pressure.
  • Use of UX principles in Front-End development.
  • Successful team coordination during development of highly complex Business Software.
  • Gained experience developing Back-End and Front-End of complex Business Applications.

Frameworks, Software and Technologies used

  • Java EE
  • EJB
  • JPA
  • JSF
  • PrimeFaces
  • CSS
  • SOAP
  • SoapUI
  • IBM Websphere
  • PostgreSQL
  • JUnit
  • Selenium
  • Git
  • Bitbucket
  • IntelliJ Idea
  • Oracle VM Virtualbox