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About the Job
At Globant
Role Web UI Developer
Location Online
Duration 2 months
March 2020 – April 2020
Summary Built the UI for a Real-time interactive dashboard for tracking healthcare resources during the COVID-19 pandemic


Globant is an IT and Software Development company headquartered in Argentina that operates in over 14 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia. With a roster of world-class clients, many of which are at the forefront of emerging technologies. I joined this company in February of 2019.

COVID-19 Dashboard

At the start of the year 2020 the world was struck by the Coronavirus disease pandemic, an outbreak that began in China in December of 2019 and spread through the world at an alarming rate the following months, resulting in more than 2.4 million cases of infected people and over 165,000 deaths at the time of this writing.

Recognizing that technology plays a key factor in making information readily available and efficient to the world, Globant developed a Real-time interactive dashboard that enabled efficient use of health resources for government and official entities during the treatment of the COVID-19 pandemic, to amplify the capacity of the healthcare system and establish accurate reporting that informs the number of beds with oxygen/gas, health professionals and respirators available.

COVID-19 Dashboard Login PageCOVID-19 Dashboard Report selection pageCOVID-19 Dashboard Report creation pageCOVID-19 Dashboard Institutions management pageCOVID-19 Dashboard Collaborator creation interface
COVID-19 Dashboard Login Page
COVID-19 Dashboard Report selection page
COVID-19 Dashboard Report creation page
COVID-19 Dashboard Institutions management page
COVID-19 Dashboard Collaborator creation interface

A platform was developed designed to integrate multiple reporting systems such as Web and WhatsApp, that enabled gathering of official information uploaded by hospitals and health care establishments and made this information available to the government by displaying it in a dashboard built with applications provided by Salesforce that included data analysis and predictive models.

The tool was designed in Argentina, under the frame of meetings that the government had with different economic areas of the country, including telecommunication operators and technology companies, but Globant professionals from different countries participated in the development such as Chile, Colombia and Mexico among others. The development was completed in record time, the first demo was conceived in 7 days and the finished first release took only 18 days.

COVID-19 Dashboard exampleCOVID-19 Dashboard detail example
COVID-19 Dashboard example
COVID-19 Dashboard detail example

In the news


At Globant we believe that data and the people should be at the center of every decision. With the outbreak of COVID-19, it was clear that the world, and in this case Argentina, needed the tools to bring this vision to the healthcare system.

Argentina’s Secretary of Equity Advisor and National Director of Health Systems said (July 2020):

We express our satisfaction and gratitude with the Globant team in charge of developing the Bed Monitoring System. This tool has allowed the country to have updated information on critical resources in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, the system has already been adopted by 80% of the Argentine provinces. The dashboard is used in high level meetings with the health ministers of the provinces where they take critical measures to follow.

The Experience

It was a humbling, honoring, and refreshing experience to be a part of this project. With joy I can say that I was lucky and blessed to have been given the chance to participate and collaborate with so many Globers from different countries and deliver a functioning product in record time, with the highest quality and being able to generate so much value so fast.

The launch into production had almost no issues on the Front-end side, and very few complaints other than feature requests that were intentionally left out in order to deliver a functioning release. The first version of the application was built with the mentality of it being more of a hackathon than a project with a delivery schedule; my participation included many restless nights where I stayed up late just to be able to finish all the essential features on time. After the first release, we kept adding more features every week.

It was also so refreshing to be able to throw away the play book and just work on getting things done. We didn’t have any time at all to finish this project, therefore we had even less time to care about development processes, code reviews, pipelines, unit testing, or any tedious corporate procedure. We were all hands on deck, everybody writing as much code as possible wherever the value needed to be provided.


  • Created a Website from scratch in 3 weeks with functionality that provided value as soon as it went into production
  • Created a Minimum Viable Product, successfully focusing in nothing but the essential features needed for the different kind of users to operate the system
  • Web UI supported Responsive Web Design despite the short time available to develop the solution
  • Participated in a highly motivated team that was able to get organized with very little time for coordination

Technology used

  • Ajax
  • Analytics
  • AWS, S3
  • Axios
  • Babel
  • Bootstrap
  • Create React App + Craco
  • CSS
  • CURL
  • ES6
  • ESLint
  • Github + Gitflow
  • HTML
  • Husky
  • Javascript
  • JSON
  • JWT
  • Lodash
  • Moment
  • NPM
  • Postman
  • Prettier
  • React
  • React Router
  • Redux
  • Redux Thunk
  • Regexp
  • Rest
  • Salesforce
  • Trello
  • Webpack
  • Webstorm
  • Yarn