The Meat Market: Frag Video

A Teamfortress 2 Frag Movie made from plays made by the team Meat Market, in their Seasons 15 and 16 of ESEA Open and Intermediate respectively. Their roster at the time was composed of:

  • Yeeegz
  • broKing
  • HiveMind
  • +.bl4nk
  • Sneaky
  • CheesyMacgyver

One of my favorite videos that I’ve put out and definitely the one I had the most fun putting together.

The Meat Market

Team frag movie of the Meat Market. All clips from scrims and matches from ESEA IM S16 and ESEA Open S15.


  1. The Gossip VS La Roux – Bulletproof Heavy Cross (Robin Skouteris Mix)
  2. Sway – Wake Up (Xilent Remix)

Software used

  • Teamfortress 2
  • Chris’s FPS config
  • Lawena recording tool
  • VirtualDub
  • Sony Vegas
  • x264vfw Codec Library

Special thanks to

  • Everyone on the Meat Market for being so quick to send POV’s and for just being overall awesome.
  • Soul-toaster for editing advice and for being the coolest.
  • Guru for being the best.
  • Turin and Morin for being the greatest guys to play with.
  • Jay_ for being mexican.

60fps Download: