Notificador de Altas y Bajas – Software Development Engineer @ BlueprintsIT

About the Job
At BlueprintsIT
Role Software Development Engineer
Location Chile
Duration 1 year 2 months
April 2015 – August 2015
July 2016 – March 2017

Developed 4 enterprise Software for this consulting company’s clients.

  • Mass email sending Software
  • Process Orchestration for Notifications System
  • Weather Sensors Network Software for monitoring and visualizing weather conditions
  • Medical concepts browsing and modeling Software requested by state government

NAB: An ETL configuration system to send out Notifications

This piece of Software was commissioned by BlueprintsIT‘s biggest client, and it consisted of a System to design, edit, and execute ETL processes that would perform a series of operations to complete a send out of Notifications to a massive amount of users as needed. I worked on this project full-time in mid 2015.

NAB Screenshot: Notification configuration screenNAB Screenshot: Setting up execution time framesNAB Screenshot: Notifications listNAB Screenshot: Editing ExtractorNAB Screenshot: Editing Web Service operation
NAB Screenshot: Notification configuration screen
NAB Screenshot: Setting up execution time frames
NAB Screenshot: Notifications list
NAB Screenshot: Editing Extractor
NAB Screenshot: Editing Web Service operation

The system allowed users to create and edit configurations of database connections, SQL queries, Web Service operations and database updates, then map the fields implicated in these operations between each other and save that as one big execution process. Additionally, these execution configurations could be saved and scheduled to be executed automatically according to a specified execution schedule that accounted for work days, work hours and holidays.

The simplest of the processes would query a database of users using some filter that would determine which of these users need to be sent a Notification, then pass the result of this query to a Web Service, take the response of the Web Service and use those fields in an SQL update that would most likely mark those users as already notified so that in the next execution they wouldn’t pass the initial query filter.

The Experience

One of the things that I loved about working in this project was when my manager said to me: “Listen, this is what needs to be happen, but we don’t know how we’re gonna present that to the users, so see what you can come up with.” And that’s exactly what I did, I put my creativity in motion and came up with a simple yet complete interface to achieve what was needed. The result was satisfying in every aspect.

At BlueprintsIT I was given free range to explore my skills, this was a company that cared about seeing their people grow in their own interests. Here is where I first discovered my passion for UX and Front-end development, and therefore the tasks that were assigned to me where usually about those areas. I also got the chance to make many good friends while working here and to build relationships I value deeply.


  • Development under compliance with international security and programming standards.
  • Met requirements and deadlines under high pressure.
  • Use of UX principles in Front-End development.
  • Successful team coordination during development of highly complex Business Software.
  • Gained experience developing Back-End and Front-End of complex Business Applications.

Frameworks, Software and Technologies used

  • Java EE
  • EJB
  • JPA
  • JSF
  • PrimeFaces
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • IBM Webshpere
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git
  • Bitbucket
  • JIRA
  • Agile
  • IntelliJ Idea
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox